AMRICA: an AMR Inspector for Cross-language Alignments


Abstract Meaning Representation (AMR), an annotation scheme for natural language semantics, has drawn attention for its simplicity and representational power. Because AMR annotations are not designed for human readability, we present AMRICA, a visual aid for exploration of AMR annotations. AMRICA can visualize an AMR or the difference between two AMRs to help users diagnose interannotator disagreement or errors from an AMR parser. AMRICA can also automatically align and visualize the AMRs of a sentence and its translation in a parallel text. We believe AMRICA will simplify and streamline exploratory research on cross-lingual AMR corpora.

Proc. of NAACL demo
Naomi Saphra
Naomi Saphra
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Naomi Saphra is a researcher in NLP and machine learning.